Where East meets West

London & Singapore

About MAKE Waves

MAKE Waves is an international media company specialising in quality factual programming for leading broadcasters.

With integrity and style at the core of our process, our award-winning staff of programme-makers produce entertaining factual programs and powerful investigative documentaries for audiences across the globe.

We are based in Singapore and London, allowing us privileged access to territories across Asia and Europe. Our unique and diverse team creates fresh content with international perspective.

Our Team

Sian Kevill - Founding Director

Sian is a highly successful creative business leader in the field of television news and current affairs, recently conducting a pioneering report published by the RISJ, which assessed audience responses to branded TV content in Hong Kong, the US and the UK. Before this, she was an award-winning editor of BBC current affairs programmes and the successful head of the BBC’s commercial international news division, leading the company to its first operating profit in its 19-year history.

Sarah Macdonald - Founding Director

An award-winning investigative journalist, Sarah has conceived and produced documentaries for, among others, the BBC, CNN, CNA and Channel 4 Dispatches. Renowned for making hard-hitting films that have significant social impact, her undercover investigation into familial child abuse in Liverpool lead to three men being jailed for 100 years and subsequently won her a BAFTA (Best New Director).

Mags Scholes - Head of Production

Mags uniquely combines over 20 years of heading up international productions with hands on technical skill. She has supervised award-winning production across Asia, UK, Australia, the Pacific Islands, the US, Canada and Europe as well as working on the ground in Central America and Africa. She is well versed in all facets of production including studio, location, live and OB across various content mediums. For fun, she rides classic motorcycles to remote destinations.

Leo Gizzi - Series Producer/Director

Leo is an award-winning television producer with experience across a wide range of genres from investigative documentary, current affairs, business and art. His films have covered topics including the Erawan Shrine bombing in Bangkok in 2015, child MMA fighters in London and a behind-the-scenes look at the rise of Lego. Leo joined MAKE as an intern five years ago and his work has now broadcast on Channel 4, Bloomberg and Channel NewsAsia.

Hoe Yeen Nie – Executive Producer

Yeen Nie is an award-winning producer-director with over 10 years’ experience in journalism and programme-making. She was formerly at Channel NewsAsia, where she made documentaries on social issues across Asia. These include two ground-breaking series notable for taking a no-holds- barred examination of poverty and academic failure in Singapore, as well as documentaries on North Korean defectors in South Korea, factory safety in Bangladesh, and disabled orphans in China. Several of her shows have been nominated for the Asian Television Awards, and a documentary on “left behind” children in China won Silver at the New York Festivals in 2017.

Marcos O'Donnell – Production Coordinator

Marcos joined MAKE as a Production Coordinator in 2017. He is fascinated by both film-making and Asian culture, this being the perfect role for him to pursue both passions. Prior to MAKE, Marcos lived in China for a year, freelanced in different international feature films, including Hong Kong and Bollywood productions, and relocated to London where he worked as a Production and Marketing Coordinator for a creative agency.